LaatuLassi Oy is an agile and reliable partner in renovation construction. We specialize in flue renovation and ventilation services. We are true experts in the field and have a combined 22 years of experience in this field.

For us, a motivated attitude and a passionate approach to work is the basic starting point for all of LaatuLassi Oy's operations. We take our work seriously and serve our customers by all possible means, a small twinkle in the eye and a smile on our face. A positive attitude towards life and a constant effort to develop both at work and in life in general will help us to meet the challenges we face in the best possible way.
Zero (0) complaints are a real goal for us. We pay every day uncompromising attention to our company's quality standards in both installation work and customer service.
LaatuLassi Oy's operating principle is to carry out all installation and repair work in such a way that the requirements of the site are taken into account comprehensively. No more patches on top of the patch, but durable long-term solutions that save the customer effort and money.
LaatuLassi Oy always strives to serve all customers in accordance with the customer's wishes. Where other companies, if successful, get one (1) thumb from the customer, our goal is to get two (2) thumbs #doublethumb!
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we also serve in English.